In Loving Memory - COUGAR


                                                                  COUGAR    30 APRIL 2002  - 6 MAY 2007

How do I tell my Cougar that today is his last day

The vet will be arriving soon to  " put him down to lay ".

The rose petals are sprinkled and the logs are stacked up high

You musta seen me planning this - for the day you die .


That mast cell tumor has burst - leaving an awful mess

but how do I tell my Cougar , it's not over - the cancer has spread throughout his chest .

What started off as a pimple ,  took only 7 weeks to get as big as my head

and never could we image that we would  pay someone to make you dead .


We cant watch you suffer - we know what must be done

Your pain is now ending but ours has just begun .

The hardest thing is letting you go and this will be my only regret

I'm sorry that it seems we gave up on you Cougar - my Peiby , my soul , my pet .


What do I say to my Cougar as that fatal injection goes in

I cry and scream and hopes the vet misses and gets it in my skin .

5 years + 6 days you were in our life

It's all over in a second and that image will always cut like a knife


" PUT YA SHOES ON " -  I cried out as you were slipping away

I wanted them to be the last words you heard on this shocking day .

We begged and scream and held you tight long after your soul had left your eyes

we tried to make your last images calm ones just before you died .


Your bones now lay with your buddy PYTHON , in a sacred tomb

resting together comfortably in our warm lounge room .

We will now breed Shar-Pei's in honour of our Cougar's pain

but we will give it all up in a heartbeat , just to have you back again .


KINGCOUGAR is our breeders name - it's the honourable thing to do

so every pup that is bred by us will have your name - so they will carry a part of you .

And this is how we try to go on - it's the only way we feel we must

and maybe through other Shar-Pei's you will somehow find your way back to us

and make us smile and complete again because cancer made you depart

and I know we cant live forever , but we can have more paw prints on our hearts



                               he is your friend , your defender , your dog

                          you are his life , his love , his leader 

                          he will be yours so faithfully and true - to the last beat of his heart

                          you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion


                                Author Unknown


A Video Tribute to our fallen friends can be found on youtube .  Just click on a link below














































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